Your HypnoBirthing Practitioner Karen Woodfield

Karen Woodfield, MSc, CHt, BSc

Born and bred in England, I moved to Vancouver in December 2010 with my 7 month old daughter and my husband to enjoy a better quality of life. Having spent the previous 13 years in London, more personal space and access to the outdoor lifestyle we love was our driving force to move.

I came to HypnoBirthing® by chance when a friend told me how she intended to birth her baby.  Hoping that I would be a Mum one day, I wrote down the details for when the time came.  The whole concept was so much more appealing than the horror stories I was used to hearing. My husband and I took the classes and practised for weeks before our baby was ‘due’.  Surprising us a couple of weeks early, we calmly and beautifully birthed together as a family in May 2010 welcoming Ava to the world with little fuss and much joy. Most people do not believe me when I say I slept through most of my labor. I would have slept through more of it but I had some very good friends visiting for lunch!

After relocating to Vancouver whilst still on Maternity leave, I was lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum enjoying the delights of my daughter. After nearly 2 years of hearing many sad birthing stories from friends, I decided to qualify to be a HypnoBirthing ® Practitioner to help change the concept of birthing, even if it means doing it one birth at a time.  My wish is for Mothers and Fathers to have the wonderful birth that I did.

I come from a background of 7 years of Academic Psychology.  I bring a plethora of academic knowledge as well as hands on knowledge to the table. I really have ‘walked the walk’ and am so passionate about HypnoBirthing® because I know it to be extremely effective first and foremost for birthing but also the skills are transferable for life. I still use many of the breathing techniques on a daily basis. I am proud to be affiliated with the HypnoBirthing®Institute.

I have a new exciting goal for 2014, to train to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist to expand my knowledge and practice.  In time I intend to add HypnoFertility to my skill set.

December 29th 2014 - UPDATE - I did it!  I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist on the 14th December 2014.   I am now able to help in so many more ways using Hypnotherapy. Any fears that are not set free in the Fear Release Hypnosis can be taken and explored on a deeper level in one to one sessions. This can include previous birth trauma and fears/phobias of such things as needles/hospitals etc. The new branch of my company is called Pink Elephant Hypnotherapy - visit me at
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