As I Breathe

As I Breathe

As I breathe life starts within me
Holding so much joy and surprise
I just can’t wait to meet you
To look deep into your eyes

As I breathe I fall in love with you
With every breath I love you more
I feel you growing big and strong
And wonder what’s in store

As I breathe you stir within me
Fluttering like a butterfly
You roll and wiggle round and round
And time is ticking by

As I breathe we grow together
Your hiccups make me smile
I’m sure you’ll be a gymnast
And I nurture and cherish you all the while

As I breathe our time sharing my body
Is drawing to an end
I feel you ready to join us
For the midwife I must send

As I breathe and breathe you down and down
I feel so deeply calm and relaxed
Finally my darling child
Is on the very last lap

As I breathe you come into this world
Bringing all the love there ever can be
I cry with tears of joy and love
As I hold you next to me

As I breathe you take your own first breaths
And look into my eyes
We are in this together, you and me
I hope I measure up to size

By KW for Ava

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